Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs

I lay there, naked on the bed. The sheets look so perfect and straight from that morning. He's in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, ready for me. My heart is pounding with excitement because I love the feeling of restraint and lack of movement. When you can't do something, like see, hear, taste, etc ... the rest of your senses seem to heighten. To me, when I can't move in any position I want, my desire to be fucked hard and long are heightened.

I lie there with a Kinklab Neoprene Cuff between my teeth. I twirl the other cuff with my pointer finger, as they're linked together by a very strong hold. I hear him walk into the room and he knows immediately what I want. I don't have to say a word. Instant hard on. He drops his boxers to the floor. Its 2am. We have to wake up in 4 hours to get ready for work so we'll have to make this a quick one. No sensual foreplay tonight but I don't mind. I want to get straight to being his slave.
He kneels on the bed, in front of me and yanks the free end of the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs and pulls it out of my mouth. Tossing me onto my stomach and slapping my ass, he quickly & easily cuffs my wrists together behind my back. The Velcro on the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs are so easy to work with and made with the strongest Velcro so we know I'm not going anywhere. He then takes my ass cheeks and starts to fuck me from behind while holding onto the nickel-free metal clasps that hold the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs together. Knowing how hard he's fucking me, how hard his holding onto the metal clasps in the middle and how strong and sexy his arms and hands are, these Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs can manage through anything.
My head is buried into the pillow to protect me from slamming into the wall from the rough sex. Within minutes, he yanks my whole body up and around with a yank of the metal clasps. Here I am, wet, about to cum so I squeeze my legs together to force me to hold back the orgasm. My husband takes my legs and puts them on his shoulders. He's still on his knees, entering me as I lie there, wrists in Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs behind my back. This is my newest favorite position. I demand he enters me harder and faster. He respects my demands and we both climax at the same time. My insides are pounding with desire. I have the feeling that I need to grab a hold of him and pull him closer. But, I can't. I'm restrained and I like that too.
He puts his arms around me, pulls me up gently, kisses my lips and stokes my hair. Tells me how much he loves me and he will help clean me up. My husband leans over behind me and with a half a second and one flick of his finger, the metal clasps open. I'm free for now. But wait until he finds out how I want to play with my Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs tomorrow ....

Packaging:  The cuffs came in a plastic box that was easy to open up.

Materials:  Soft, squishy and VERY comfortable Neoprene that will guarantee (my opinion, at least) you wont feel the cuffs.

Thick & very strong nickel-free metal clasp & STRONG industrial Velcro. You can get the Velcro in either a sexy hot pink or a Vixen Black.

Size:  These cuffs fit ankles or wrists from a range of up to 10". That's a huge versatility.

Rating:  5/5 ***** Is it possible to go over in rating? Seriously. There are no cons to the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs that I found yet.

Where to Buy:  Check out Babeland. These Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs are $14.00 and are perfect for beginner or advanced bondage users. And with how affordable and sturdy these cuffs are, everyone needs a pair. If you want to cuff yourself in a solo session or use these with a partner during play, these Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs work perfect for both.

What is your favorite rough sex toy? Do you own cuffs? What part of the body do you like the have restrained? Any favorite position to go with that restraint?


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