Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs

I lay there, naked on the bed. The sheets look so perfect and straight from that morning. He's in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, ready for me. My heart is pounding with excitement because I love the feeling of restraint and lack of movement. When you can't do something, like see, hear, taste, etc ... the rest of your senses seem to heighten. To me, when I can't move in any position I want, my desire to be fucked hard and long are heightened.

I lie there with a Kinklab Neoprene Cuff between my teeth. I twirl the other cuff with my pointer finger, as they're linked together by a very strong hold. I hear him walk into the room and he knows immediately what I want. I don't have to say a word. Instant hard on. He drops his boxers to the floor. Its 2am. We have to wake up in 4 hours to get ready for work so we'll have to make this a quick one. No sensual foreplay tonight but I don't mind. I want to get straight to being his slave.
He kneels on the bed, in front of me and yanks the free end of the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs and pulls it out of my mouth. Tossing me onto my stomach and slapping my ass, he quickly & easily cuffs my wrists together behind my back. The Velcro on the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs are so easy to work with and made with the strongest Velcro so we know I'm not going anywhere. He then takes my ass cheeks and starts to fuck me from behind while holding onto the nickel-free metal clasps that hold the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs together. Knowing how hard he's fucking me, how hard his holding onto the metal clasps in the middle and how strong and sexy his arms and hands are, these Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs can manage through anything.
My head is buried into the pillow to protect me from slamming into the wall from the rough sex. Within minutes, he yanks my whole body up and around with a yank of the metal clasps. Here I am, wet, about to cum so I squeeze my legs together to force me to hold back the orgasm. My husband takes my legs and puts them on his shoulders. He's still on his knees, entering me as I lie there, wrists in Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs behind my back. This is my newest favorite position. I demand he enters me harder and faster. He respects my demands and we both climax at the same time. My insides are pounding with desire. I have the feeling that I need to grab a hold of him and pull him closer. But, I can't. I'm restrained and I like that too.
He puts his arms around me, pulls me up gently, kisses my lips and stokes my hair. Tells me how much he loves me and he will help clean me up. My husband leans over behind me and with a half a second and one flick of his finger, the metal clasps open. I'm free for now. But wait until he finds out how I want to play with my Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs tomorrow ....

Packaging:  The cuffs came in a plastic box that was easy to open up.

Materials:  Soft, squishy and VERY comfortable Neoprene that will guarantee (my opinion, at least) you wont feel the cuffs.

Thick & very strong nickel-free metal clasp & STRONG industrial Velcro. You can get the Velcro in either a sexy hot pink or a Vixen Black.

Size:  These cuffs fit ankles or wrists from a range of up to 10". That's a huge versatility.

Rating:  5/5 ***** Is it possible to go over in rating? Seriously. There are no cons to the Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs that I found yet.

Where to Buy:  Check out Babeland. These Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs are $14.00 and are perfect for beginner or advanced bondage users. And with how affordable and sturdy these cuffs are, everyone needs a pair. If you want to cuff yourself in a solo session or use these with a partner during play, these Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs work perfect for both.

What is your favorite rough sex toy? Do you own cuffs? What part of the body do you like the have restrained? Any favorite position to go with that restraint?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Duchess Glass Dildo

I felt like I needed a little texture in my cunt this morning.  I was so horny and needed to fuck myself.  I haven't used a glass dildo in a while.  I felt like I wanted something cold pressed against my clit, with a cold bumpy rubbing sensation.  I slowly took off my dripping wet panties as well as everything else.  I stood there naked with my Don Wands Cobalt Blue Duchess Glass Dildo.  I quickly walked into the bathroom and ran the cold water onto my Duchess Glass Dildo.  Pussy wet, just thinking about the amazing texture and feel.  As soon as I took the Duchess Glass Dildo out of the cold water, I placed the curved shaft with the ridges against my clit.  Slowly, I rubbed it up and down, standing there. I knew that when I came to orgasm, I'd have to be laying down so I walked over to my bed about 10 feet away.  I lay there and slowly inserted the doubled headed part into my wet pussy.  With the ridges aimed upwards, I continued to slowly slide the Duchess Glass Dildo inside of me, then slowly pulling out without using lube because I was so wet.  With this, you don't want to go hard or fast.  The ridges were rubbing against my clit and I could feel the pressure on my g-spot.  Such a perfect position.  I positioned the doubled headed part on my g-spot and gently bounced the Duchess Glass Dildo up and down.  I was going to cum, I knew it.  The cold sensations along with the ridges, made me so hot.  I finally came to orgasm after a few more g-spot "bounces" and slowly sliding the Duchess Glass Dildo in and out.
Now, I'm ready for my husband to come home so we can use the Duchess Glass Dildo again.  I'm so horny just thinking about the single sided head being slowly inserted into my ass.


Packaging / Storage:  The Duchess Glass Dildo came with a very plush, velvety storage bag. Which I do use & I need MORE of!  I do believe that this came with some sample sizes of lube but I forget which ones because I just toss all the lube in the lube bin.

Cleaning / Care:  Since the Duchess Glass Dildo is made of Pyrex glass, the cleaning is very easy.  Use antibacterial toy cleaner or soap / water.

How To Use:  This dildo is doubled ended.  The only thing I suggest is that you use the single headed side to insert into your ass if you're comfortable.

I am getting more and more comfortable with anal sex, so right now, its not as comfortable for me to use this toy anally.  Although, I have and I love the feeling of the ridge on the shaft.
You can use this toy warm or cold. Each one gives you a different sensation. I love toys with temperature play.  It really does make a difference in the play!

Look how beautiful the sun shines through! 

Lube:  With this being glass, you can use any kind of lube that you have handy. Using lube makes this toy much easier to work with.

Weight / Size:
Length - 7 1/2"
Insertable length - 5 "
Girth - 4 1/2" at widest
Width - 1 1/2"

Price: $31.99 at Pink Cherry

Have you used a glass Dildo before?  If so, what is your favorite?  Do you do temperature play?  What is your favorite temperature and where do you like the temperature changes? 

PinkCherry Sex Toys

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Toy Box

{Cock Rings}
Laid P.3

Nubby G

Duchess Glass Dildo

The Groove

{DVD's / Books}
Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind DVD

{Lubes, Lotions & Potions. Anything that'll expire}
Babeland Body Chocolate
Blossom Organics Arousal Gel

Strut Your Stuff #28

Question of the week: What was the last furry thing you touched?
A fuzzy peach at the grocery store.  I was going to pick some up to do some naughty deeds to my husband.  For example, I was reading, cut a peach in half and take the pit out.  Slip the peach around his cock and slowly nibble away.

Whats coming up this week:  
I just started this blog.  I have a review on some cuffs coming up this week for sure.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Laid P.3 Cock Ring

Representing some of the very best in new sex toy design, Laid is a new Norway-based company from whom we're expecting great things; be among the first to get on board! - Babeland

Packaging:   In the mail was a classy and luxurious looking white box which held the Laid P.3 Cock Ring in a foam piece.  You take the foam piece out and behind that was the user manual and a sample size of Water Based Lube.

How to Use:  You're suppose to lube the Laid P.3 Cock Ring on the inside as well as his cock before a hard on but we're talking a horny man so more than likely, he already has a hard on. This is fine because I just lubed up my husbands cock as well as the Laid P.3 Cock Ring and it worked out just fine.  Once its slipped onto the very bottom of the shaft of the penis, you can position the chubby part on top of the cock or on the underside by the balls.  The Laid P.3 Cock Ring aids in a longer & harder erection.  My husband says he didn't notice much of a difference in use.  He did have a longer to keep erection, but I don't see how much harder he can get.  He's young and fresh, so a softer hard on is impossible.  For my side, while my husband was jamming inside of me, I can feel the chubby part hit against my perineum.
Please, never leave the Laid P.3 Cock Ring {or any other cock ring} on for more than 20 minutes.  You might end up with some troubles.  The longest my husband wore this was 15 minutes.  

Type of Lube:  Water based lube is the ONLY lube you should use with the Laid P.3 Cock Ring.  This cock ring came with a sample size of water based lube already in the back of the foam insert.  The lube is enough to last us about 7 uses.

Materials:  Silky Soft Silicone Cock Ring?  Oh yes!  The feel is so luxurious!  I had never felt anything so amazing wrapped around my husbands penis.  The material is slightly stretchy, as in ... about 1/2 inch give. The only downfall with silicone is, it grabs onto dust and hair!  I took the Laid P.3 Cock Ring out of his box and about 3 minutes later, it trapped in dust.  Maybe our place is oober fucking dusty or something, so I won't blame it on the cock ring.  Because, if you read about Silicone, its not suppose to grab onto dust at all.  Maybe I better send my naked husband around the house with a duster.  mmmmmmmm ...

Cleaning / Care:  Since the Laid P.3 Cock Ring is made out of Silicone, you're better off using a sex toy cleaner or water / antibacterial soap.  You can also boil it in water for 3 minutes or toss it on the top rack of the dish washer.  So easy to care for!  After you're done using, you can put it right back in the box that came with the cock ring.

Scent / Taste:  There is zero scent or taste.

Weight / Size:   At 2 1/2" tall and 2" wide {outside diameter}, this is a pretty small toy.  The inside diameter where the cock slips through is 1 1/2".  Like I said, the silicone is slightly stretchy at about 1/2", giving the diameter about 2".  My husband's penis girth is pretty wide so only his cock fit through the ring.  We tried to somehow manage slipping his balls through but it wasn't a good idea.  For some men, that might be an okay idea?  It depends on your girth.

Price:  $31.00 and you can get Blue & Currant.  Wait, what color is Currant?  Like a really dark red or purple?  Oh now that would of been really sexy! I might need to order another one just to own Currant!

Rating:  4/5  I love this cock ring!  It won't be the first one we gravitate towards though because we love lots of vibrating toys.  But, as far as price, care, feel, looks and luxury ... I give the Laid P.3 Cock Ring a spot high on my list of favorite cock rings! I love how its stretchy enough to fit tight, but not loose enough where it just falls off.

Where to Buy:  Babeland.  This Laid P.3 Cock Ring has a 1 yr. warranty against breakage and defects.  Honestly, this is so well made and sturdy that I can see a 10 yr. warranty and it would still be in perfect condition!

How much does your man / yourself love cock rings?  What are your favorite kinds?  Any features that are a must have?  

Perfect G Spot Vibrator - Nubby G

Packaging:  The Babeland Nubby G Vibrator came in a clear, plastic casing.  You can defiantly see what is inside.  However, the packaging itself was pretty discreet as far as imaging.  There was no wide open vagina or stripper tattooed all over the place, which would be pretty cool if you ask me! 

Batteries are used for this vibe, but you have to provide them yourself (AA's).  Like usual.  I had never came across a toy YET that came with batteries.  

Who can use:  Apparently the Babeland Nubby G Vibrator has the "G" tossed in there because it is known to give you a GREAT G-Spot Orgasm (okay, I lie. Babeland said that the G stands for Genius but I like the g-spot idea better!).  Its been known to have first time squirters, well .. squirt.  I would say that any beginner would enjoy this toy.  Either for g-spot orgasms &/or achieving the squirting technique.  I however, can not say that I achieved squirting ... YET, but I vow to get the Babeland Nubby G Vibrator to get me to squirt.  However, the g-spot orgasm was pretty insane! The Babeland Nubby G Vibrator was pretty easy to insert to hit the g-spot as a beginner as it pretty much, glided in.  As an advanced user, I would say this vibe would be pretty much a go-to as well. 

Pushing aside levels of users, I pretty much used this in a solo session.  You can, however use this with your partner.  I can imagine us going to anal sex while working the g-spot at the same time.  But, I'm more on the "solo session" part of the fence. 

Functions:  There is a "nubby ring" on the bottom portion of the Babeland Nubby G Vibrator that is suppose to hug your ass hole and clit area while this vibe is inserted.  You're suppose to rock back and forth with the Babeland Nubby G Vibrator so that you can get the proper stimulation.  I, however, did not get to feel the asshole and clit stimulation at the same time that the Babeland Nubby G Vibrator was rubbing my g-spot.  =/  Maybe my ass was too big?  Maybe my clit is too far up?  Or else maybe I was enjoying the g-spot orgasm's too much to even notice!?  

Now we go on to actually turning this vibe on!  There is an incredibly easy twisty / textured (for lubed up / wet fingers purpose).  There is zero fuss with turning the control from low to high.  

Materials:   TPR Plastic: Thermoplastic Rubber.  It's phthalate-free, easily washed, supple, and pliable to the touch. 

Size:   At 4-1/2" x 1-3/8", the Babeland Nubby G Vibrator fits perfect in your hands! 

Colors:  There is only blue, but who cares!  This Blue is so pretty, it makes my vagina pretty happy =]

How to clean / care:  I just use water / soap or an antibacterial toy cleaner.  Since the material is made up of TPR, you cannot toss this in the dishwasher to sanitize.  As far as caring during use,  I would use a water based Lube

Waterproof:  Yes, This vibrator is for sure, waterproof. 

Vibrations:  4/5.  Upon achieving an orgasm, the full speed of vibrations is enough to get me off.  I do wish that the vibrations were a little stronger but I can say that HIGH did its job the way it was suppose to.

Noise:  3/5  Oh gah.  The Nubby G is loud, in my opinion.  When turning it on, I feel like I want to just squeeze the shit outta the thing just to shut it up.  But, the noise factor under lots of sheets, inside the vagina and in the water is pretty low to where nobody can hear if they're on the other side of the door.  But, if lying next to my husband while he's sleeping and I use this to play, I will for sure wake him. 

Price:  $25.00 at Babeland

Rating:  4/5  Almost perfect!! I think the only thing that gets me, is the nubby ring on the bottom portion not hugging where its suppose to on me, particularly.  Thank god that this vibrator is so fucking awesome enough that I can get off on the g-spot stimulation alone!

Do you remember the first time you used a g-spot toy?  What was it that you used?  Was it the perfect g-spot vibe? 

The Groove Anal Probe

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Thanks to Eden Fantasy's, I received an anal probe; The Groove by Doc Johnson, in Grey.

Packaging: The Groove by Doc Johnson came in a clear plastic casing. Very easy to open up. The packaging is somewhat discreet. If you had no idea what the hell an anal probe is, what it looked like, or the like, someone might look at this anal probe and think it were something else. Not too sure what they would think The Groove was, but it doesn't scream all over the packaging, "YO HEY! I LOVE YOUR ASS HOLE!"

Materials: The Groove is made up of hypoallergenic silicone & is completely 100% safe to use! I love the silicone because it does NOT hold onto dust, hair, dirt, lint, etc ...

Scent: Yes, I smell things. Even sex toys. I had to actually put my nose up to The Groove and smell. There was a slight hint of scent, but nothing unpleasant at all. When removed from the sniffing action and just, I suppose, looking at The Groove, there is zero scent. While playing with The Groove, I could smell nothing at all.

How to Use: There are no special instructions to use The Groove. Apply water based lube, slowly insert the first bead while relaxed, slowly insert up to another bead / bump, pull out, insert, etc ... enjoy! Sounds like a commercial but honestly, you have to concentrate on the bending of the anal probe.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Groove by myself at first to get used to it.  Then we added this anal probe into mine and my husbands foreplay and during sex.  I didn't use The Groove on my husband but I have to slowly get him into using anal probes on himself.

Usage level: The Groove is an anal probe aimed at both beginners and advanced users. Beginner users because there are no special curves or scary points. The hard part of The Groove for a beginner would be, that this anal probe is very bendy.  Not soft and squishy, but it was hard to navigate to the ass hole at first if you had no idea what you're doing (note; slippery + bendy). Especially with water based lubrication all over The Groove, lots of slippery action, it was a fair difficulty level to relax.

But, on the bright side, once you inserted the first bead, it was very easy to insert another bead plus more to your comfortableness level. There was an easy to navigate, & easy transition from bead to bead.

I also say an advanced user could have fun with The Groove because this anal probe is pretty large after you insert the first few beads.

Texture: The beads / bumps go from small to large as you go down the length of The Groove. Upon insertion and pulling out, the sensation is amazing! The beads are more on the larger side of what I am used to and I love that! I can actually feel how amazing anal sex can be! The beads are so smooth and easy to insert once you get a hang of it and you're relaxed. The texture is very enjoyable.

Lube used: We used Water Based lube and that is the only kind you can use with silicone toys. Please use water based because any other lube will eat away at the Silicone and you don't want any beads stuck in your ass. Seriously, its not a joke. Its my biggest fear!

Washing: You can boil The Groove for 3 minutes in a pot of water, toss it on the top rack of your dishwasher or, if you're like me, just use a typical Toy Cleaner.

Waterproof: Of course this anal probe is waterproof, considering it allows no batteries.  I can't see myself using this in the bathtub though, alone.  Maybe a little shower sex with the husband and The Groove is in order next!

Size: 7" tall with an insertable lenth of 6". At 6.5 oz, this toy is pretty light in weight.

Available Colors: Grey & Blue. The Grey has little specks of blue glitter. So pretty!

The blue, I only seen online at Eden Fantasy's, but it looks like a very bright, pretty blue.

Rating: 4/5. As a beginner in the anal sex department, I had a hard time at first inserting the first bead inside. After a while, I could only insert up to the third bead because the anal probe was starting to get uncomfortable if I inserted anymore. Once I relax more and get more comfortable in anal sex / anal toys, I'm very sure I can insert The Groove all the way in.

Price: $19.99

Where to buy: Eden Fantasy's

If you have anal toys, do you remember your first anal toy?  What was it?  Do you still have it / use it?  If you purchased The Groove, what color would suit your toy box?  

Thank you to Eden Fantasys, who sent me a product to review in exchange with my honest opinion.  My views reflect my opinion and may be different than your own.

Edible Body Chocolate!!

I received a 2oz jar of Babeland Edible Body Chocolate for review.  My first instinct was to take in a tiny bit and do a taste test.  The first thing I noticed was coconut & vanilla and it reminded me of my all time favorite candy bar, Mounds.  *drools*  My husband had to take this jar away from me before I would eat it all!!! This stuff isn't like the cheap crap I have used in the past that fucking sucks! The stuff I had used before would come out watery and taste like shitty old dollar store candy.  I'll take a Mounds anytime of the day.  My husband isn't a fan of this but he didn't lick it off of me =]

Use:  We don't have any "brushes" to apply this with so I used my fingers to apply to my husband.  With our hot steamy bodies, I took my finger and mixed around the chocolate.  Applied to desired areas to "eat" and thoroughly enjoyed.  =]  The edible body chocolate spread on smoothly and easily.  It did not trickle down his body like something watery.  This was a sensual experience for us and we will be needing the 4oz jar soon enough!

Ingredients:  Sugar, Organic Cocoa Powder, Safflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Vanilla.
Since everything is so sexually delicious,  this Edible Body Chocolate has a shelf life of 18 months.  But who in their right mind will take 18 months to use this addicting organic, vegan, dark chocolate love spread?

Price:  2oz -  $12
4oz -  $22
It seems pretty spendy.  I can just imagine melting some chocolate and using it in that way.  But I don't have time for that.  Plus the packaging is super mysteriously sexy in a way.  Melting chocolate in the microwave is not sexy for me and I'm sure a plain candy bar will get hard after a minute.  The Babeland Edible Body Chocolate obviously stays smooth and creamy and will not dry out.  Hence the $$.  Plus, you won't need the whole jar.  The 2oz jar will last us about a month OR more!  Totally worth the money =]

Rating:  5/5

Where to Buy:  Babeland

I have to mention ... This would be the PERFECT GIFT to give at a bachelorette party!! Now that its wedding season, there will be lots of opportunities for us ladies to attend our friends'/ family bachelorette parties.  This is a MUST HAVE!!! I would defiantly buy this as a gift for a family member.  I think its discreet enough to show off <3