Monday, August 15, 2011

Edible Body Chocolate!!

I received a 2oz jar of Babeland Edible Body Chocolate for review.  My first instinct was to take in a tiny bit and do a taste test.  The first thing I noticed was coconut & vanilla and it reminded me of my all time favorite candy bar, Mounds.  *drools*  My husband had to take this jar away from me before I would eat it all!!! This stuff isn't like the cheap crap I have used in the past that fucking sucks! The stuff I had used before would come out watery and taste like shitty old dollar store candy.  I'll take a Mounds anytime of the day.  My husband isn't a fan of this but he didn't lick it off of me =]

Use:  We don't have any "brushes" to apply this with so I used my fingers to apply to my husband.  With our hot steamy bodies, I took my finger and mixed around the chocolate.  Applied to desired areas to "eat" and thoroughly enjoyed.  =]  The edible body chocolate spread on smoothly and easily.  It did not trickle down his body like something watery.  This was a sensual experience for us and we will be needing the 4oz jar soon enough!

Ingredients:  Sugar, Organic Cocoa Powder, Safflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Vanilla.
Since everything is so sexually delicious,  this Edible Body Chocolate has a shelf life of 18 months.  But who in their right mind will take 18 months to use this addicting organic, vegan, dark chocolate love spread?

Price:  2oz -  $12
4oz -  $22
It seems pretty spendy.  I can just imagine melting some chocolate and using it in that way.  But I don't have time for that.  Plus the packaging is super mysteriously sexy in a way.  Melting chocolate in the microwave is not sexy for me and I'm sure a plain candy bar will get hard after a minute.  The Babeland Edible Body Chocolate obviously stays smooth and creamy and will not dry out.  Hence the $$.  Plus, you won't need the whole jar.  The 2oz jar will last us about a month OR more!  Totally worth the money =]

Rating:  5/5

Where to Buy:  Babeland

I have to mention ... This would be the PERFECT GIFT to give at a bachelorette party!! Now that its wedding season, there will be lots of opportunities for us ladies to attend our friends'/ family bachelorette parties.  This is a MUST HAVE!!! I would defiantly buy this as a gift for a family member.  I think its discreet enough to show off <3


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